Meet Ajala Nene

Nnọọ! Ẹkaabọ! Sannu! Welcome! 😊

My name is Nnennaya Fakoya-Smith. But you can simply call me Ajala Nene 😊


I am a Tourism Enthusiast: Tourism Promoter, Tour Broker and Travel Blogger

I am a Visibility Coach: I help entrepreneurs build brand visibility and sustainability through my 3-step online strategies called the Audience Builder Program.

I am also a Collector: Deltiologist (Postcard Collector), Philatelist (Stamp Collector) and a Numismatist (Coins and Banknote Collector).

As an Afrocentric Motherland Mogul, I love to promote my African heritage through my outfits from hair to toe! See evidence above *;;) batting eyelashes


I have been recognized as one of the “Young Tourism Personalities of the Year” in 2018. I have also been nominated for the “Rising Star of the Year (Tourism)” and “Best Tourism Innovation Through Technology (Tourism Virtual Summit)”.

I have also been featured on Forbes Africa as one of Africa’s Aficionado Collectors, thanks to my love for collecting postcards, stamps, coins and banknotes. I have also been featured on Leading Ladies Africa as a “Lady Boss”.


When I was teeny-weeny, my aunty gave me the name ‘NENE-UWA’ 😊 It is an Igbo (My native language) word where ‘NENE’ means ‘SEE’ and ‘UWA’ means ‘WORLD’. Literally meaning “SEE THE WORLD” 🌏

‘AJALA’ is a Yoruba (A native language in Nigeria) name used to define a ‘TRAVELLER’.  The word was culled from ‘Ajala the Traveler’ whose real name is Moshood Adisa Olabisi Ajala. He was a Nigerian journalist who became famous in the 1950s for traveling around the world.

Ajala the Traveller from Carbon Animation on Vimeo.


The aim of this site is to inspire you…yes YOU 😁 to explore the world! Most especially to explore my nation, Nigeria and my mother-land, Africa. Both are blessed with beautiful tourist sites (monuments/historical sites) and cultural heritages that you would love to see and experience 😉

My other goal is to educate and enlighten aspiring tourism entrepreneurs, especially in Africa, to build a visible and sustainable tourism business.

I also have a DREAM. A dream to explore the whole world (All the seven (7) continents!!!). Check out my TRAVEL BUCKET LIST ✈️


So come along with me on my adventures and be inspired to EXPLORE NIGERIA. EXPLORE AFRICA. EXPLORE THE WORLD 😃

WA NENE-UWA! Come See The World! 👣

*‘WA’ means ‘COME’ in Yoruba language.


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    • Shakil Ahmed
    • February 12, 2019

    I appreciate the way she is educating people about benefits of travelling all over the world. As she is widely
    travelled so her experience for the prospective tourists in different destinations can be helpful for them. Kudos to her efforts!

    1. Reply

      Thank you.

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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