Learn the Practical Skills For Building Visibility For Your Brand Both Online an Offline So That You Can Connect With Your IDEAL AUDIENCE ​​​​​

If you are reading this now, it is because you are valued and an amazing member of my community.

​You’re most likely an aspiring or my fellow entrepreneur who has been following my journey.

Tell me if this is you...

Are you looking for answers on how to build your brand offline and online?

“Check Google. Check YouTube. Read blogs. The internet has all the answers you are looking for to build your brand”, they say.

You search high and low. You read. You watch. You research.

Finally you have information overload!

​You are wondering how to implement all the information you have acquired to get the results you desire to ​BUILD YOUR BRAND.

​You are feeling stuck and confused.


When I started out I was exactly like you. 

I didn’t know how to build visibility for my brand.

I kept checking the internet for answers. 

Even though I found some helpful tips, they were not sufficient enough.


Once I started connecting with influencers in my space, using the right tech platforms, communicating with my audience...

It paid off…and is still paying off.

I have been recognized, nominated and featured as follows:

  • Rising Star of the Year (Tourism) and ‘Best Tourism Innovation Through Technology’ by The Pyne Awards
  • Certificate of Recognition as one of the 2018 "Young Tourism Personalities of the Year" by the Nigeria Tourism Awards for hosting the first ever Tourism Virtual Summit​
  • Top 3 Finalist of the Africa Youth in Tourism Innovators Competition held in Durban, South Africa in 2019 for the Nene-Uwa Tourism Academy
  • Featured on Forbes Africa’s November 2019 Edition as an Aficionados Collector
  • Featured on Leading Ladies Africa
  • Featured on “Green Angle” on TVC Continental TV

If you are struggling to build a brand...

And you don’t know how to go about it…

Or you have started taking steps but feel stuck…

And you may have probably spent small fortune trying to get the right visibility for your brand…

Today is your lucky day! *smiles*


Th​e 5-Day challenge is for those who want to:

1. Learn how to stand out in their industry

2. Know how to market their brand effectively

3. Build a sustainable and not a 'get rich quick' brand

Participants takeaway the following:

1. Discover the importance of building relationships in your industry to build your brand

2. Understand how to fit into the community of your industry and actively become part of the network

3. Identify how to strategically​ create visibility for your brand by positioning and marketing to your ideal audience

So if you are an entrepreneur struggling to build visibility for your brand...

You are concerned about connecting with the right people in your industry

Being recognized as a person of influence in your industry

Concerned about the digital platforms to utilize to build your brand visibility

​Then this​ challenge is for YOU​!

The challenge starts in JUNE 29TH, 2020

​Sign up below to join. Let's show you how to BUILD YOUR BRAND

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