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Tuesday 20th October, 2020 is recorded as a BLACK TUESDAY in Nigeria.

It was Day 12 of the #EndSARS peaceful protest by Nigerian youths who have been exercising their rights to be heard.

Yet our government who continues to turn a deaf ear, decided to brutally attack its citizens…*sheds tears*

I watched LIVE on Instagram, thanks to our heroine, DJ Switch, as the military shot aggressively at peaceful protesters at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos!

I watched it live…

It was like watching an action movie *shocked look*

This is what deeply hurts and vexes me….*angry look*

First the Lagos government imposed a 4pm curfew around 12pm!

Then CCTVs were pulled down at Lekki Toll gate which aroused suspicions…

By 4pm, protesters were peaceful sitting down on the floor (some kneeling), waving Nigerian flags and singing the national anthem.

As it grew dark, all lights at the toll gate went off…even billboards were switched off.

Then gun shots were heard…the military started firing at the peaceful protesters! *tears*

As at the time of writing this, 10 people reported dead while multiple were injured.

The military blocked all entrance so people couldn’t leave and none could enter.

Ambulances that were sent by Feminism.co were not allowed to enter.

By the way you should check Feminism.co out. They have been the organization sustaining this peacefully protest.

To top up the frustration and vexation….

This morning the Lagos Governor, Sanwo-Olu, went live on national television and announced that there were no fatalities as stated by social media!!!! *straight face*

So if Dj Switch didn’t go live yesterday to show us what was happening, we wouldn’t have known the whole story abi? *raises eyebrow*

Rumor has it that the military guys carried some bodies (not confirmed if dead or alive) into their trucks…to remove evidence we believe.

This caused protesters to team up and stay with the remaining bodies that were found lying on the ground after the shooting ceased *sigh*

Thank goodness for social media! Thank goodness for Dj Switch’s bold move to record all these activities live as evidence of this uncalled for brutality!

I write this not to put Nigeria in the bad light..Mgba! No!

I write this to keep my own personal record of how the New Nigeria was birth!

This generation is NOT A SILENT one! We will SORO SOKE! We will SPEAK OUT!

And we will keep records, so that our children will know how this present generation fought for a better Nigeria!


All we are asking for is a better nation…is that too much to ask? *tears*

Yet as I write this not even our dear President Buhari has spoken…not one word.

Sad. What a shame *smh*

Let it be recorded that it wasn’t Oct 1st, 1960 that Nigeria got her independence.

No…it was Oct 2020…no particular date…just OCTOBER 2020 that Nigeria truly got her independence! โœŠ๐Ÿพ

I end this by quoting the second stanza of the Nigerian National Anthem…

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause
Guide our leaderโ€™s right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.


A New Nigeria is about to be born…โœŠ๐Ÿพ
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