“Farabale ko mu coffee jare” interpreted as “Calm down let me drink my coffee please” in Yourba dialect *smiles*
Mug by Asah-Bara


Growing up, one of my fond memories was waking up to the smell of coffee and the sound of BBC News on the radio. That was my dad’s usual morning routine when he was home *smiles*

I recall the day I asked to taste his coffee. His response was that coffee was only for adults. One day he left his coffee unattended, so I sneaked to taste it. Yuck! It tasted bitter! Apparently dad loved his coffee black with little or no sweetener. That day I vowed to never take coffee again. Well here I am, drinking coffee and enjoying the smell and taste all the way *grins*

Side note: I totally LOVE the combo smell of coffee and cigarette anytime I am at the airport! No I don’t smoke! *side eye* I don’t know why the combo drives my senses wild! *smh* Lol!


Nigeria is one of the world’s producers of Coffee. Surprised right? Sadly coffee farmers in Nigeria have not yet harnessed the huge potential benefits that comes with the production of this crop. The Lagos Coffee Festival is out to change this narrative.

The aim behind the festival is to promote the Nigerian Coffee Culture and Community as a whole. With the main theme: “Coffee, Culture & Community”, this maiden edition set off an annual celebration of the coffee consumption culture in Lagos and in Nigeria.

To kick off the Lagos Coffee Festival 2019, they held three events namely:

  • A Coffee Roastery Tour at Kaldi Africa in partnership with Social Prefect Tours on September 14th
  • Coffee, Books & Art at the Brazilian Consulate in Lagos on September 20th
  • And the Main Festival held on October 5th at Nakenohs Boulevard, Ikoyi, Lagos to celebrate International Coffee Day which holds annually on October 1st

I attended both the Coffee, Books & Art and the main Lagos Coffee Festival. Both events were very entertaining and enlightening.


As an Afrocentric Enthusiast, I am a big fan of “Made-in-Africa”, by African, products and services. So when one of my favorite Nigerian brands was going to be exhibiting their beautiful Afrocentric merchandise at the Lagos Coffee Festival, I knew I had to be there.

I am a HUGE fan of Asah-Bara, an indigenous Art company that transforms everyday household items such as mugs, bowls, decors, books and more into beautiful Afrocentric miniature art. The Founder, Zoza Icha is a natural beauty and delightful soul. It was great to finally meet her in person at the festival.

Yes, I carried my 1st ever purchased Asah Bara mug to the festival to drink coffee. Zoza was in awe! *shine teeth*
Zoza 💛 See below my ‘love story’ about how we met *smiles*
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My #WomanCrushWednesday 💜is the talented and natural beauty @asah_bara boss lady, Zoza Icha 💛 Sometime last year, I was jejely scrolling through @adirelounge page and bumped into a picture of a beautiful lady rocking one of their adire fringe gowns. The lady looked so charming that I decided to check her out. You know me, when I fall in love with your personality online I can't help but scroll through for hours…I was literally on her page for almost 3 hours o! 😳 Non stop scrolling into 2017 and 2016 posts sef! 😂 I was so in awe that I decdied to slid into her DM that day to tell her how I loved her artworks and how I had fallen in love with her personality online. That's how we ended up chatting for over an hour! Yep! Love at 1st chat 😂 Our relationship then moved to WhatsApp and later becoming her unofficial @asah_bara Ambassador 😀 Zoza, glad we finally got to meet live in the past couple of weeks 🤗 It was beautiful to see that you are the same beautiful Zoza inside-out + online/offline 😊 Keep glowing love 😘 Btw y'all should go check out her @asah_bara studio store in Maitama, Abuja. I haven't been there YET but what you see on the gram is enough to make you want to visit and buy off their shelves 😍 I yam coming, o! 😁 This Saturday, Zoza will be speaking at @tedxasokoro. Please my Abuja people show up for her o! 🙏 I guarantee that you will not leave the same after listening to her…she is that AH-mazing 😃 All the best, babes 😉 . 📸 @kingandjohnson . #WCW #Zoza #AshaBara #AsahBaraCommunity

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With my 1st Asah Bara Mug – The Baron Collection
Doing Mannequin Challenge with Bukky Asehinde of Bellafricana
With Nkem Onwudiwe of the Her Network
With Head Communications of Lagos Coffee Festival, Ṣọlá Akíntúndé
Coffeebassor Nnenna 😁 Happy with my Happy Coffee 😊
Proud BH-Triber Nnenna 📚
By the way, have you read my BookHangout Tribe Reviews? Check

Looking forward to Lagos Coffee Festival 2020. To stay updated, follow them on Instagram. And don’t forget to take cups of coffee ☕ while you wait *wink*

Photo Credit: King and Johnson

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    • Ṣọlá Akíntúndé
    • November 7, 2019

    Thanks for coming Nene, you made the events colourful!

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      Thanks for having me *smiles* You guys did a great event. Kudos! Looking forward to next year’s.

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