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I first got to know about during their 2016 Social Media Week Lagos session titled Become a Kick-Ass Tech Mum! hosted by Mofolusade Sonaike. I was so inspired by the stories of the KickAss Mums panel that I decided to find out more about their services.


A few weeks later, I attended the Mumpreneur Business Review Tour, which consisted ofΒ free 30 minutes sessions to look over a business challenge and proffer solutions.Β  This session was such an eye opener.


I finally joined the KickAss Mums Club later in the year. And a few weeks ago, I attended my Signing-in Ceremony which included getting pinned as a KickAss Mum, a Professional Head shot and a Mumpreneur Show interview. I enjoyed every bit of the ceremony. Joining the club also includes other incentives. You can check it out here. Kindly see below my pinning ceremony, my professional head shot and my Mumpreneur interview 😊

Yes we are #kickassmums and we are so extra … Come and beat us, we are in awa hoffiz.. Lol! . . @neneuwa @ajalanene in da building getting signed up to the mumpreneur showcase group. Ghen ghen ti ghen.

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Meet KickAss Mum Nnenna Fakoya-Smith aka Ajala Nene 😎



One of the major reasons I left the corporate world last year was for me to spend more time with my young family, to be more present in my children’s lives. Another major reason was to pursue one of my passions, Tourism, to follow my dream of making impact in the Tourism industry. Hence Ajala Nene of Nene-Uwa was born πŸ˜ŠπŸŒπŸ‘£

Both roles have not been easy 😌 Trying to build a business from home, while rearing my young family is no walk in the park! πŸ˜… Having a platform like gives people like me the opportunity to build our businesses as mums without having to sacrificing our homes.

#WednesdayWomanCrush This picture sums up what @mofolusade the founder of is all about 😁 She empowers and encourages women to “Live Your Life” by balancing life as a business owner and a mother. One of her greatest passion is helping women who have left the corporate world to transit into being ‘Stay-at-home’ working mums . The first time we met was during last year’s @smwlagos. I had not planned to attend her session until the last minute. I got there and saw her waiting at the door for guests. When she confirmed that I was attending her session, she gave me a big hug like we knew each other πŸ˜„ She was worried that people wouldn’t turn up and apparently I was her first guest πŸ˜‚βœŒ I can relate because I had the same experience during my 1st SMW event. Mofolusade turned up for me that day…she was a sight for my soar eyes. Lol! πŸ€— . Fast-forward about 6 months later, I joined her #KickassMum group πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™… Yesterday, we had our sign-in & pinning ceremony as a #KickassMums Clan member 😁✌It was so much fun πŸ˜† . Thank you @mofolusade for being a source of encouragement to many women especially those who are either leaving their corporate jobs to start their own business or those who have been stay-at-home mothers, and want to start their own business. Having a support system like your platform is very essential especially at the early stage of building one’s business. God bless you and more grease to your elbow πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ . Looking forward to our professional sign-in ceremony pictures and video πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ . #WCW #Mumpreneur #KickAssMum #SupportSystem

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Mofolusade Sonaike, popularly referred to as Mumpreneur, is an entrepreneurship advocate, coach and trainer. She runs She is also the co-founder of, a business that offers affordable branding services. She has been one of my go-to-persons when I need to pour out my heart about building a thriving sustainable business and being able to balance it with both my marriage and family. And I must say she is doing an awesome job πŸ€—

ABOUT MUMPRENEUR.NG Group Inc. (aka Mumpreneur) aims to support, educate and empower mums who have left the corporate world to pay attention to the needs of raising their kids and family needs while also running their business from home. Apart from supporting and showcasing mum owned businesses their e-learning platform, Kickassmum provides an enabling platform for capacity building so that mothers owned businesses can thrive. You can find out more about them here.

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    Congratulations our very delicious kick-ass ajalanene.

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