Last year, I attended Social Media Week Lagos and it changed my life. I knew that come 2018, I was going to have my own session or/and be on some interesting panels. Well Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd has not just one but two sessions on this year’s Social Media Week Lagos platform! Excited much! 😊


I love this year’s theme, CLOSER. When I got the mail announcing the theme and requesting for applicants, I smiled. I knew it was going to be a tough one because it is a very deep theme.

“Closer” will explore the intensifying conflict between community and individualism. The conversation will bring together a diversity of perspectives to discuss the most productive ways to harness these forces to drive innovation, improve consumer experiences and bring people together.

As Africans we know sharing our stories is important, we also know that we can do more together. Striking a balance is key. SMW Lagos will look at how our individual stories, experiences and competencies contribute to the whole. Investing in people and fueling their ideas gives them the capacity to do more. We understand that it takes a village, but we also know that every member of a community must add value for it to truly prosper.

SMW Lagos 2018 programming will in part focus on how technology drives individualism, while also looking at how platforms and apps bring people “closer” and foster community. As Africa moves rapidly towards digitization across sectors, we must ensure people remain a part of the equation. Inclusion is of the utmost importance our prosperity as a continent depends on it. – Culled from SMW Lagos


Our first session is on SUSTAINABLE TOURISM. The aim for this session is to educate people especially travelers/tourists on the reasons and benefits of being ‘Responsible Travelers’. This is possible through using tourism activities and our way of life as a tool to developing the economy, society, environment and local communities. When individuals with the same Eco-Tourism interest come together, we create a community that will help build the tourism industry in Nigeria and the world. The use of social media platforms has given us the opportunity to share our travel and tourism stories of how we are working both as individuals and as groups to make impact in our communities through the Tourism industry.


When looking for speakers for this panel, I knew that my Eco-Tourism partner, Funmi Oyatogun of TVP Adventure was going to be my number one choice. We collaborated to organize the Beach Clean-up and Tree Planting project at Badagry, Lagos to celebrate World Tourism Day Nigeria last year.

Ugochi Oluigbo is an Environmental Journalist on TVC News. She was the one that inspired Funmi and I to do the Beach Clean-up project during our interview with her GREEN ANGLE program. She founded EcoNigeria, a Nigeria Green platform that communicates environmental issues, climate change and sustainable living.

I met Shikemi Ifederu at AKWAABA last year. During her speech, she talked about her love for traveling and giving back to the communities through her tourism outreach, Tambollo Cares.

David Atabo was one of the volunteers at our Beach Clean-up project. He is a Sustainable Tourism Evangelist. He explores untapped tourist destinations and looks for ways to give back and create sustainable living for local communities.

To attend for free, register on Social Media Week and add our Sustainable Tourism session to your schedule.


Our second session is on Postcards. My love for postcards goes back to my childhood. Whenever my dad traveled, he would send us postcards. I was always excited to receive and read them. I got to know about Postcrossing in 2014 when celebrating World Post Day. Postcrossing is a social media platform that redefines communication through the exchange of postcards. It encourages people to send handwritten messages in our digital era. The platform has also helped people learn about others’ cultures through the eyes of locals without having to be there by exchanging postcards. It has bought people closer through appreciating and respecting other’s cultures.


Pelu Awofeso makes postcards which he shares with his Travel Next Door clients when they embark on his local tours. I meet him at Social Media Week Lagos last year when he shared his postcards for free at the #TravelAfricaDay event. Last year, we collaborated and made postcards which we donated at NIPOST Marina office to celebrate World Post Day.

Last year, I was looking for quality Nigerian Made postcards when I stumbled on Chuck Nwachukwu’s Lagos LaidBac on line. It is a merchandise company that make keepsakes and souvenirs such as keyholders, t-shirts and postcards. Most of the postcards I send to Postcrossers around the world are bought from them. He has fond memories of his dad sending postcards to him when he was a toddler…just like me 

I met Dr. Raphael James during an event organized by Pelu for Nigerian’s Independence Day. He is a postcard, stamp and coin collector. He has a library, CRIMMD, where he displays his stamps, coins, postcards collections and range of books.

One day, I saw on Funmi’s Instagram page that she makes postcards from pictures taken at local destinations organized by TVP Adventures, her tour operating company. I introduced her to Postcrossing and she registered. So far she is enjoying the experience

To attend for free, register on Social Media Week and add our Postcard session to your schedule.



AfricaNXT is a platform produced by SMW Lagos team which serves to showcase the makers, artists, creatives and doers transforming Africa. This week-long festival includes exhibitions with public programming that boldly highlights the work of Africa’s next cadre of visionaries. AfricaNXT is a fertile ground for NEXT level ideas rooted in collaboration. AfricaNXT serves as a key example of how we as Africans can do more and go further together.
One of its themed day is Tuesday #TravelAfricaDay.  Travel Africa Day brings Africans, the diaspora and global community at large together to celebrate the beauty and cultural richness of the African cities they live in and have traveled to. #TravelAfricaDay also serves as a gathering of key stakeholders in Africa’s travel, tourism and hospitality industry to collaborate and discuss the future of travel.
Travel Africa Day will hold on Tuesday, 27th February 2018. This year, there would be four Travel sessions which includes my Sustainable Tourism panel. The other travel sessions would be hosted by my travel partner Funmi Oyatogun of TVP Adventures, Sam Adeleke of Travel massive and Moni Baruwa of Countless Miles. Naija Nomad did an interview with each of us asking we share the reasons behind our topics and what we want our attendants to expect during our sessions. You can read the interview here.
Looking forward to attending other awesome sessions at Social Media Week Lagos 6. To register to attend click here.
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