I got to know the Oguntoye Twins popularly known as Twin Tourism at AKWABAA 2017. They are Tourism Promoters and have been traveling the world promoting Nigeria and African tourism.

The Most Famous Twins in African Tourism, Oguntoye Taiwo and Kehinde have been named as African Community Tourism Youth Ambassadors by the African Community Tourism Network (ACTN).

This appointment was conveyed in an official letter by the Reverend Solomon A. Nruka, ACTN president and coordinator, in association with Countrystyle Community Tourism Network/Villages as Business (CCTN/VAB) and IIPT International Community Tourism Network.

ACTN has established a tradition of recognising and honoring outstanding achievements that contribute to international understanding, cooperation and peace through community tourism.

As African Community Tourism Network (ACTN) Community Tourism Youth Ambassadors, the Oguntoye duo would mainly work to promote the aims and objectives of Countrystyle Community Tourism Network/Villages as Businesses.

They are also to work to invite the public to participate and support community tourism, assist in the Marketing and Public Relations team in getting interviews and features locally and internationally.

Oguntoye Taiwo and Kehinde would also mention and promote the Africa Community Tourism Network & Countryside Community Tourism Network (CCTN) for its work, and its vision of supporting holistic development of communities, among others.

The Oguntoye Twin brothers are the Founders of Twins World Creations and the world initiators of Twins Tourism.

The resourceful duo recently received a chieftaincy title from Ibeju Lekki in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Oguntoye Twins are the first in numerous aspects of innovation in Tourism in Africa, including being among the first to produce and present a tourism program on air.

They are also the first twins in the world to be formally celebrated by the World Busiest Airport, Heartfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, USA among other novel achievements.

Hmmm…the way I have been surrounded with twins lately, I am beginning to sense I will be an ‘iya beji’ (Mother of Twins in Yoruba language) one day *smiles*

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    • Sasé.ng
    • December 15, 2018

    You said they are the first to air a tourism programme Nene, what of Isaac and Nneka Moses, Goje Africa since 1999?

    Nice piece though, it’s helpful for my research.

    1. Reply

      You are right about Goge Africa. Glad the piece would be helpful for your research.

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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