Christmas holiday is one of the best times for family hangouts. And what better way to spend Christmas by going to Nigeria’s world-class amusement park, Hi-Impact Planet. It is located at KM 12, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Ibafo, Ogun State, not far from Mountain of Fire Camp. As you approach the park along the road, you will be greeted by their mascot statue, the Blue African Elephant.

Hi-Impact Planet boasts of over 50 thrilling outdoor rides, indoor games and attractions, a fully equipped clinic, multi-purpose halls, luxury apartments, food courts, souvenir shops and more. It is one of Nigeria’s top tourist  destinations for a fun filled experience!


The park opens by 12pm and closes by 5pm. However, before you go there, ensure you call them to confirm exactly when they would be opened. I hear they do not open everyday except during festive seasons like Christmas holidays.


There are three types of park prices namely:

Hip Flex – This costs N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira Only) for entrance fee only.  This fee requires you ‘pay-as-you-play’ meaning each game you enter, you pay for it.

Hip Regular – This costs N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only) which includes unlimited games but excludes the Go Kart, Aqua Zone and Arcade. Both the Aqua Zone and Arcade cost an extra N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). While the Go Kart cost N7,500 (Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira Only) for 5 lapses.

Hip Combo – This costs N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) and it includes both the Hip Regular package and the Go-Kart ride. That means the Go-Kart cost N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira Only) when combined with the unlimited games fee.

As at December 2017, these are the current prices. You can check Hi-Impact’s park pricing fee for more details.


My family members and I paid for the unlimited games and had access to both the indoor and outdoor games excluding the Aqua zone, Arcade and Go Kart. While some members paid for the Hi Combo which included the discounted Go-Kart ride.

Here are a few guidelines to help you enjoy your experience at Hi-Impact Planet:

(1) NO FOOD, SNACKS OR DRINKS ALLOWED: You are not allowed to bring in your own snacks and drinks. I had to throw away a pack of chips and a bottle of water bottle at the main entrance. However, the security can keep your snacks and drinks for you to collect when you are leaving. Just ensure whatever you leave with them is sealed and properly labelled. But I will advise you keep your snacks and drinks in your car.

(2) PARK ENTRANCE RULES: When you enter the park, make sure you enjoy the games to the fullest. If you leave the park before their 5pm closing time, you wouldn’t be able to enter again. Even residences, those who sleep over at their apartments, cannot go in again. So be sure you are actually done with all the rides and games before you leave the park. Don’t let your money waste,o!

(3) RIDES WARNING: Some of the rides were quite scary like the ‘almighty’ Enterprise ride. It is the first major ride close to the massive ‘King Kong’ display at the Animatronics section near the park entrance. Some of my family members who went on it had serious headache. One of them had to go to the clinic to lay down before she recovered. Funny enough, I almost entered it but my children distracted me…thank goodness! But most of their rides and games are actually very safe. Just come prepared with a brave heart for some of them *grins*

(4) READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS: Some of the rides require you read the rules and regulations which are clearly written on a board next to each ride. I went on the Hoopla ride and the guide insisted I read the rules before I entered. Apparently if I had just eaten or had health issues like high blood pressure, I would not have been allowed to ride it. Lucky me, I was clean and I sure enjoyed the ride! It is for the brave hearts *shines teeth*

(5) ENSURE YOU WEAR YOUR PARK TAG: When you purchase your park tickets at the ticket office, you will be given an access card and wrist tags. At the park entrance, you will be required to wear your tag and use the access card to enter. Each tag has different colors based on the ticket you purchased. This helps the ride and game guides to be able to advise you on which games you are eligible for.


All play and no food, makes Ajala Nene a dull and hungry tourist! Hi-Impact has three different food courts. At the restaurant, you can buy meals such as rice, chicken, solid (eba, pounded yam and amala and variety of soups) and drinks. The other court is for desserts and snacks. And the last one sells sharwama and pizza at the park pizzeria.

The restaurant is quite big and neat. A plate of rice and chicken cost about N1,300 (One Thousand, Three Hundred Naira only). It was quite delicious and very filling. Drinks such as soft drinks, juice and water are sold at the normal price – no added cost.

The dessert court has snacks such as meat pie, sausage roll, doughnut and soft drinks too. Others desserts such as ice-cream which cost N500 per scope, cotton candy and pop-corn could be found there.


I would have loved to spend a night at their apartment just to experience it, but that was not on our budget. If you live outside Lagos, spending a night would not be a bad idea. A friend of mine who spent a night with her family at their 5 bedroom apartment said she was quite impressed. You can check out their apartments and costs.

However, it would be nice if residences are given special incentives for the park. In my opinion, residences should be given unlimited access into the park even when they exit before the 5pm closing time.


I was quite impressed with the constant electricity during the rides and games at the park. When we were leaving, I got the opportunity to see their state of the art generators that power all the rides and games.


Who doesn’t like free wi-fi? *grins* I was quite impressed with their wi-fi connection which was free. It was quite fast and was connected almost anywhere in the park.


Our Hi-Impact highlight was the Go-Kart ride. I didn’t get to ride but we had fun watching some of my family members do their own version of ‘Fast & Furious’. Even the children had fun cheering on.


Hi-Impact Planet may not be as awesome as Disneyland in California or LegoLand in Dubai. Well it’s our Disneyland and Legoland. Some people will be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well it is because such parks are rear in Nigeria. Though we have other parks such as Apapa Amusement Park in Lagos and Magicland in  Abuja. But from many reviews, Hi-Impact Planet beats them all.

I do hope Hi-Impact maintains their standards and also read and apply their customers reviews to keep improving and updating their services. The only service I didn’t enjoy was the 2D Cinema experience. I expected more, I guess.


I would like to share an experience we had with their customer service. My husband lost his phone at the park. We kept calling it but no one picked and eventually the phone went off. The next day my husband called the phone and someone picked it. Apparently, the phone had fallen inside one of the rides and the battery died. One of the cleaners found it and charged it. When my husband finally collected his phone, he wanted to tip the guy. But they have been trained not to expect or collect tips from customers for rendering their service. I was so impressed that I promised to mention it during my blog review. I hope they keep up with this service. God bless that good Samaritan.

Do I think N15,000/N20,000 is worth it for Hi-Impact? In my opinion, it is worth it. Looking forward to going back again, this time alone or with a friend or just with my spouse. I didn’t get to do much, thanks to baby-sitting *laughs*. Please, if you can not afford to travel to “the abroad” for holidays, please try and explore Hi-Impact Planet and other local tourist sites within your city and/or your country. You would not regret it *winks*

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    Wow! I’ve seen the Hi Impact Planet a couple of times during my South-Western trips but this review is making me wanna hit there at the moment. It’s cool that they’ve got accomodation and go karts, it’s really everything in one.
    Thanks for sharing!

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      You are welcome, Emmanuel

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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