ART X Lagos celebrated its second Art Fair which held at The Civic Center in Victoria Island with over 9,000 visitors in attended this year. The fair included exhibitions of artworks, Art talk Shows, African artists performances and presentations.

My family and I attended the art exhibition and we were amazed by the beautiful artworks displayed. The exhibition had a great turn out of art enthusiasts.

These awesome artworks were made out of rubber slipper materials
My son’s favorite art piece – Mickey and Minnie of Disney 😊
This artwork was my husband’s favorite. We both marveled at how detailed the artist was with the face features.
Artwork made with earth e.g. sand and gravel
FELA Artwork Series
Ben Enwonwu’s ‘Seven Wooden Sculptures’, courtesy of the Access Bank private collection
The end result…caricature and very creative.
These marvelous artworks were made only with coins!

My “not-a-teenager-anymore”  Valarie Fab-Uche was one of the Curators at ART X Lagos and she did me proud 😊 Lakin Ogunbanwo  was one of the artX projects she curated. Looking forward to her exhibiting her artworks at the next ART X Lagos Fair because she is also a fantastic artist 😉

Lakin Ogunbanwo passionately explaining the story behind he and his partner’s artworks while Valerie looks on.
Lakin Ogunbanwo with his artworks
With Curator Valerie Fab-Uche

ART X Lagos was a lovely event. The Founder, Tokini Peterside and her Team ART X crew did an awesome job. Am definitely attending the next edition. You can see more pictures of the fair on their Facebook page.



I once shared my art love story of how my haven in high school was either the art room where I would either be painting or drawing or in the library reading about different countries and cultures. I have been saying I would share some of my art works one day. Well here you go….Took these pictures in 2003.  It was my first and only Art Exhibition. It was a mini exhibition held in my high school’s Art Room. Thanks to my late dad, Mr. Chudy Uzowulu and my Fine Art Teacher, Mr. Femi Adeyinka who made it happen.

Artist Nene explaining her artworks at her mini exhibition in 2003
My First Painting. I remember the day it accidentally flew out of the window on a rainy day. I cried like a baby when it was retrieved…it was ruined. God bless my Art Teacher, Mr. Femi Adeyinka. He showed me how to touch it up and then sealed it with a transparent film to preserve it.
My first painting on canvas. This ‘master piece’ hangs proudly in my parents’ house

I need to seriously go back to my ‘first love’, Arts.

What have you missed doing that you wish you could do again?

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