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I met N.X. Tours at the just concluded Social Media Lagos Week during one of the #TravelAfricaDay sessions. It was great meeting and chatting with the founder, Nneka Agbim 😊
Kindly read our interview with her. And don’t forget to book one of your Naija Wanderlust Tours with them 😉

Q1. Please kindly introduce yourself.
A1. Hi! My name is Nneka Agbim, and I run the company N.X. Tours Limited (“NXTours”)
Q2. Describe yourself in three words.
A2. Simple, interesting and complex
Q3. Tell us more about your tour operating company. When did you start it? What inspired you to start one?
A3. I started the company towards the later part of 2016. I was inspired to start the company based on the simple premise that people do not need to travel far and wide to be able to appreciate natural beauty, engage in adventurous activities or learn a bit of history.
Currently the company offers two services – travel / vacation consultations and curating tours. NXTours curates personalised and group tours for people to experience what Nigeria (and soon Africa) has to offer – from natural sites, to active expeditions and historical explorations. It also consults on a range of local and international travel services that include destinations / activities recommendations, creating specialised travel itineraries and managing entire vacations and tours.
Q4. What were/are your challenges in managing your tour operating company?
A4. Most of my challenges are logistical and operational in nature – dealing with vendors and hedging against the risk of them disappointing or delivering products late.
Another big challenge is the local tourist attractions themselves. Because of (what I call) a lack of interest in the tourism industry, a lot of these sites are badly maintained and simply haven’t made improvements that you would expect of a tourist attraction. From bad access roads and no road signs to aid travellers to these destinations, to terrible customer service – these factors make it very challenging to curate tours which in turn makes managing NXTours difficult.
Q5. How many states in Nigeria have you, personally travelled to?
A5. 8 states only – Lagos, Ogun, Anambra, Imo, Delta, Jos, Abuja, and Niger states.
Q6. How many domestic tours in Nigeria have you organized so far?
A6. We are a fairly new company, but we’ve organised 4 domestic tours to date.
Q7. Where are your “Must-Travel” destinations for individuals, couples, family and groups in Nigeria?
A7. In terms of natural scenery, I would say the Gurara Waterfalls in Niger state and the Obudu Cattle Ranch.
For resorts, I would say the Abraka Turf and Country Club in Delta state and the Inagbe resort in Lagos state.
Q8. Where do you see your tour operating company in the next 5 years?
A8. I see NXTours being a full service travel and tours company – offering a wider range of travel services and curating both local and international tours.
Q9. What is your advice to those who want to start their own tour operating company in Nigeria?
A9. Do your research, and make a start. Starting is often the hardest part, but just do it.
Q10. Where do you see the Nigerian tourism industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
A10. Honestly, I wish I were optimistic, but I’m not. The economy and government are overly dependent on petroleum and despite tourism being a golden alternative, decade after decade, they’ve not done a good job boosting the tourism sector.
What I am optimistic about is an increased level of private sector participation in the tourism industry. In the next 5 to 10 years, I see (and hope) that there would be a lot more private funds and investments pouring into the tourism industry, giving it the boost it needs to lead economic growth.  T
Q11. Please give us your personal experience of how your tour operating company has changed your life.
A11. Well, it’s challenged me in many ways! There is so much that goes into running a company – from having to deal with current operational issues to strategizing on futuristic plans and direction for the company.
It is also extremely satisfying when after a tour, I get call backs filled with gratitude from the locals who helped and supported our tour group. It genuinely gives me that warm feeling of “Go Nex! You’re really making a difference in people’s lives!
Q12.  A word or two to our readers.
A12. Follow us @nxtours_ng to keep up to date with and to join us on our tours! And don’t forget to get in touch if you need help planning a vacation or your next tour! Thanks for reading!

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