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Globe Jaunters Nigeria
I am so happy to see more Nigerian Tour Operators pop up and organize interesting Nigerian and African tour packages. This is helping to build both our Nigerian and African tourism industry. I got to know about Globe Jaunters Nigeria through my travel-lover buddy, Kemi Onabanjo’s blog.
See below their 2017 Tour Calendar. Also enjoy our interview with the CEO of Globe Jaunters Nigeria 😊
Globe Jaunters Nigeria 2017 Calendar
Q – Please kindly introduce yourself.

A – My name is Bukie Idowu, CEO Globe Jaunters Nigeria – a visa and travel/tour consulting firm in Nigeria.
Q – Describe yourself in three words.
A – Fun, Adventurous, Curious                                                           
Q – Tell us more about your tour operating company. When did you start it? What inspired you to start one?
A – I used to be the go to girl in my former place of work for travel ideas (Visas, filling forms, getaway destinations and flights). My mum used to make sure we filled our visa forms uncountable times with a pencil and then fill the final one with a pen. Hence, I mastered the tricks of visas.
Globe Jaunters was officially launched Jan 2016. I remember saying I only wanted to handle visas but people began requesting for flights and I yielded to pressure (Yes, I was pressured). Our first attempt was a UK visa and she was sooo refused. Even though she didn’t give us correct information, I learnt to do intensive research and get better because these rules change and I have to be on top of my game 24/7/365.
Touring Nigeria has always been in the books, I just didn’t know how to start. I just did and it was a blast. Knowing that there are actually places in Nigeria that people don’t believe exist is truly amazing.
Q – What were/are your challenges in managing your tour operating company?
A – My major challenge would be area boys a.k.a people at the gate of every tour center you go. I am a sucker for planning so I book ahead and conclude and we get there and it’s another story. LOL. Bad roads – Roads are nothing to write home about honestly. Bad opinion of the North – Peoples! Peoples! Peoples! Boko haram is not everywhere. No we will not die if we go to Kaduna or Bauchi. Yes we always go with security.
Q – How many states in Nigeria have you, personally travelled to?  
A – Twelve (12) states
Q – How many domestic tours in Nigeria have you organized so far? 
A – Five (5)
Q – Where are your “Must-Travel” destinations for individuals, couples, family and groups in Nigeria?
A- Kajur Castle (Kaduna), Yankari game reserve (Bauchi), Obudu cattle ranch (Cross River)
Q – Where do you see your tour operating company in the next 5 years?
A – A household name and a go-to for solid and practical advice on places to visit in the world.
Q – What is your advice to those who want to start their own tour operating company in Nigeria?
A – Don’t do it, please don’t do it (Joking)
1. Get ready to be a people’s person. Nothing like “nobody should annoy me”.
2. No matter what comes your way, be strong and always learn from it
3. Be creative and ready to push yourself. Wider imaginations, boldness
Q –Where do you see the Nigerian tourism industry in the next 5 to 10 years? 
A – Hopefully, in a better place. Historical places will be maintained and Nigeria will be booming in the tourism industry. 
Q – Please give us your personal experience of how your tour operating company has changed your life. 
A – I am more organized and I am definitely more patient. 
Q – A word or two to our readers.
1.       Exploring Africa does not mean you are poor!! So many beautiful places to explore at a great price. 
2.      If you are not financially ready to leave Nigeria, explore the beautiful places in Nigeria. 
3.      Not every travel agent wants to cheat you. There are some ticket routes and prices that Expedia cannot get you. 
4.      The North is relatively safe. Nobody will take you anywhere that your life will be in danger. 
5.      If you have been exploring Nigeria, thumbs up. If you haven’t, get to it.


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