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Who has watched the movie, The Bucket Liststarring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? It inspired me to write my own bucket list 😏 However, this post was inspired by my sister, Ifunanya’s bucket list. So here are some of the things on my bucket list 😀
1.      Cruising with my family – ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE and other cruises
2.     One Year Family World Tour (World-schooling in all the 7 continents: Africa, North & South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica & Australia) – The Travel Family 😉
3.      Take Photography and textile design courses
4.     Start my own company ✌
5.      Make money blogging
6.    Build and improve on my Christian ministry – Children & Teenagers (Vocation Bible Study Program & Teenage Programs)
7.      Sing in a beautiful & professional choir *hallelujah*
8.      Learn how to play a music instrument – guitar, piano or violin
10.   Go on a hot-air balloon ride
11.    Go snorkeling aka scuba diving
12.   Write a book (or books) 😊
13.  Visit the North & South Poles (Artic & Antarctica and stay in an Igloo)
14.  Visit Australia (Aussie-land), my husband’s suppose ‘birth nation’…Lol!
15.  Sleep under the stars e.g. Visit MASAI MARA in Kenya, lounge in a tent like room and camp in the woods…safe woods, o! 😁
16.  Go on a sister-sister trip to Dubai with my lil’ sis, Ifunanya (and many other sister-sister trips to other countries, by God’s grace 😇)
17.  Go on a trip to France with my twinny, Queen-Anne
18.   Go on Caribbean cruise trip with my home girls, Chiwunma & Chioma
19.  Run a marathon or more (My Dream marathon – Disney Princess Half Marathon)
20.  ManyDISNEY WORLD & DISNEY LAND trips with my family & friends
21.   SPACE CAMP Adventures with my family
22. FARM TOURISM trips (Live, eat and work in a farm) with my family
23.  Visit Seychelles again with our kids this time
24.  Meet and dine with Mrs. Michelle Obama 😊
25.  Take a trip to SEA ISLAND
26.  Visit the World Wonders: Great Wall of China; Great Pyramid, Egypt; Colosseum, Rome; Taj Mahal, India; Christ the Redeemer, Brazil; Chichen Itza, Mexico; Machu Picchu, Peru; Petra, Jordan; Big Ben, London; Statue of Liberty, USA, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia & many more)
27.  WIN A LOTTERY!!! A good one, o!!! 😀
28.  Visit all the tourist sites in ALL the 36 States in Nigeria
29.  Attend Olympics with my family (Hopefully JAPAN 2020 & many more)
30.  Be an Olympian Mom 😉
31.   My children would go to CLASS AFLOAT after high/secondary school
32.  My family would learn how to fly planes…The Pilot Family 👮
33.  My sons would go to ARSENAL CAMP…if they want to sha…lol! 😎
   34.  Attend HILLSONG Concerts
   36. Do voice overs for Animation movies. My dream, a Disney African Princess movie 👸
Would keep adding as more pop up 😀 So what are your bucket lists? 😏
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    Ah.. I can join you people.. @17 Ok.. I can let you and Que go on your first trip and then the second time we can take the kids because my version of @20 is Disney land Paris. It's on my new Vision Board.

    No 26 is a must to visualize my History of Architecture lessons…

    I love love love this bucket list Nene.. It is full of life!!!!!! Woohoo

    I'm taking up the challenge cause gurl.. I was born a dreamer, I see why we connect. Lol.

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    Because it is humanly possible darling, you can do so much more. I applaud you for putting it out there. You are an inspiration my darling, you have not seen anything yet. You are more than enough you are phenomenal. Keep shining

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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