My Sky Diver Hero!

I’ve been telling people that I’ll go sky diving one day. As usual everyone thinks am going nuts. Well, my sky diving dream has been awoken!

Last weekend I watched a movie called “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. And that stirred up my sky diving dream. The movie also reminded me of my love for travels….*smiles*. Then to top it all up, a university basket-ball mate of mine went sky diving recently and that made me say “I’m going Sky Divinggggg!!!”

Life is only lived once…EXPLORE IT!!!! So go sky diving! *wink*
A friend of mine described it as “…basking in the adrenaline of unplanned events” *Smiles at Eim*

David Oamen, you are my sky diving hero!!!! Way to go!!!!

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    David should have carried you with him!

    • kIkI
    • February 1, 2012

    Book a skydiving session for two! *grin*

  2. Reply

    @ Q – Mehnnn! if he had told me would have booked a flight!
    @ Kiki – No problemoooo! *wink*

  3. Reply

    Good gawd….*laffing*…Nene u didn't!!!….

  4. Reply

    Eim: YES I did!!!! hehehehehe!!!!

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    I used to…till I went on Oblivion and discovered I really love to breathe, G-Force is not your friend.

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    @ Moji Akinde – Girl….u are my new sky diving heroine!!! Way to go girl!!!!! I gasta meet u at Chicago asap!!! *wink*

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    Skydiving !! Awesome cant wait to do this with you cuz !!! While you're up there I'll be holding it down on ground level and praying !!! Yeeah !!!

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    AH!!! BUCHIIIIII!!!! LOL! Anyway, make sure u do JUST THAT!!!! *shinning teeeth*

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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