Holy Marathon Race

For two years now, I have been waiting for one of the most exciting sporting events in Nigeria and in the world, “The Glo Lagos International Half Marathon”. I participated in the 2009 Glo Half Marathon. And though I didn’t get a medal, I made sure I got to the finish line. However, got a sad news earlier this year that Globacom (GLO)and Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) have terminated their contract. Sad. I do hope AFN finds another sponsor for the marathon. It sure has put Nigeria in the international map as a “sport” destination (apart from football,sha).

As I was busy waiting for my “Glo Lagos International Half Marathon”, a colleague and friend of mine, who too was waiting, left me and went for his own marathon in the far lands of the middle east. Yeap! My friend went all the way to the Holy Land of Jerusalem to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon 2011, the 1st Marathon ever in Jerusalem. And boy do I envy him!!! He came back with a medal and a certificate for finishing the race.

Yinka Ogunlana, I dedicate this blog write up to you!!! Kudos!! Am following in your foot steps. And thanks for the Jerusalem t-shirt. *wink*

See some photos of Yinka running the race. Well done, Yinka!

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    wow,nice of him

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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