Cruise Your Life!!!!!

I woke up this morning with dreams floading my brain and heart…yep…both!
Right now am listening to different songs on “Dreams”: “Dreams Come True” by West Life; “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” by Snow White in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and “Dreamer” by Chris Brown. Sigh! I sure can dream!!!! And am sure gona accomplish my dreams…with God on my side *wink*.

Was about checking for something on google’s this morning and what did I see? Google did a lovely design of an aquarium with a submarine view. It reminded me of my cruise dream…..Always wanted to go crusing! I mean my trip to Dubai was actually suppose to be a cruise but just couldn’t go for it….it wasn’t expensive….honestly! Infact going on a cruise is cheap. Do you know why I say so? I can visit three countries with a week with without having to worry about packing and unpacking, making hotel reservations or catching flights. The ship is your floating hotel and magically transports you from one exotic destination to the next! And guess what? It’s at a very reasonable and affordable price!(That’s if you save up well…lol!). If you calculate how much you have to spend booking a hotel and flight to just one destination…you’d find out it’s just as good as going cruising!

So what can you find appealing in a cruise ship? Apart from accommodations for the length of the cruise and meals, you get to have some great entertainment. On board you’ll find countless of entertainment options with lavish Broadway and Las Vegas style revues, live rock and country-western bands, cabaret, jazz, piano bars, discos and casinos. You could also do your workout regimen, if you are a sports person, with their professional and splendid fitness facilities and spas, not to mention jogging tracks, basketball court and swimming pools!!! On some ships you will even find ice-skating rinks and rock climbing walls!! Today’s modern ships also follow and feature many of the popular trends found in world-class resorts and major cities such as Martini, Champagne and Caviar Bars, Cigar Clubs (not that I encourage you to smoke and drink,o!!!), cozy bistros, Coffee Bars and Internet Cafes. Most of the on board activities can range from trying exotic food, snacks and drink,sporting competitions, lectures on the fine arts, politics and world famous authors. Then there is the simple and yet the “self-indulgent allure” of simply relaxing in a deck chair with a view of the sea and being waited on hand and foot by your ship’s onboard staff. Isn’t that so GRAND!!!

So, as you can see, life on board ship is not so different than vacationing at a large resort or in a large city or in a popluar tourist destination. Infact, when you dock in any country, as long as you have your visa and if you have booked for tours, you get to have a whole day visiting tourist sites in that country! Or you can have and do it all or do nothing at all. Giggling!

“For cruise beginners, here’s a list of the essentials: “valid” passports, transfers, cruise tickets and what ever has been included in a cruise reservation.
Before you select a ship and itinerary, make sure you have the proper documents to travel overseas. Because almost all cruises will sail to a foreign port, you will need a passport or equivalent documentation for prove. Leaving your country of origin isn’t the problem – it’s getting back in when you return. So if you don’t have the proper documentation, you will not be allowed to board the ship at the beginning of the cruise. The same cruise ship will be bringing you home, and it is their job to make sure you are qualified to re-enter the country.” Capis?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go CRUSING!!!!!yay!!!

You can make your cruise reservations here in Nigeria with the following tour companies:
Tour Brokers International
8, Festival Road,
Off Adetokunbo Ademola Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
+234 1 7916480,+234 1 7616184,+234 1 2718388
Fax: +234 1 2718388

Soltan Travel & Tours Limited
Victoria Soluade (Mrs)
Managing Director
214c Eti-Osa Way
Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi
Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: + 234-7415776
Mobile: + 234 802 325400

Check this out: Royal Caribbean International

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    • kIkI
    • February 10, 2011

    seas, oceans nd lakes…here we come!! 🙂

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    Yacht Charter Dubai offers more fun and pleasure as compared to a cruise…

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