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Always wanted to do something in the arts field. I remember those days in secondary school when anyone was looking for me, the first place they would come to was the art class….I was always there during my free periods drawing or painting or reading anything that had to do with Arts. I also remember when they used to ask us what we wanted to study in the university, some of my mates said Medicine, Engineering, Mass Communcation, International Relations…..and all the most wonderful career path you know ‘adults’ want to hear. Well, as for me, I used to say Fashion and Texile Design. And anytime I said that, everyone would look at me like I was not serious. Infact, once the Proprietress had a one on one session with my mates and I, when we were about to graduate from secondary school. When she asked me what I wanted to study and I told her, she tried so hard to convince me to go into Law or Mass Communictaion. Well, I blankly refused…..lol! Though I ended up reading Sociology in University (and I’m glad I took that course. I’ve learnt alot!), I still have my art love calling on me.

Recently…infact, for a long while now, I have been trying to find art schools where I could do some textile design training like tie-dye and batik. Did a bit of it while in secondary school and as an entrepreureship practical course in university. I heard about Nike Art Gallery owed by Mrs. Nike Davis Okundaye. Found out that her textile training school is at Osogbo, Osun State. However, her art gallery could be found at Lekki,Lagos. So last week, I ventured on my journey to find how to go back to my love, ARTS. And my gooodness…..when I went there, I was in tears…..!Oh yes! I saw artworks that made my heart beat with joy!!!! And to my greatest joy, I was privileged to meet Mrs. Davis-Okundaye that day. She was atually having a photo shoot with one of the top magazines in Nigeria. She smiled at me as I ooohed and aaaahed about the artworks in her gallery. There are three floors filled with lovely works of arts. I was specially invited by her to come for an exhibition she was having the next day for some foreign delegates. Went for the exhibition the next day and enjoyed every bit of it! I got to meet the only Female Talking Drummer in Nigeria, Ara. She sure is talented!!!!

Am sure going to do my textile and fashion design soon…..And am serious about it this time. I was so happy with my “journey” that I actually called my Fine Art teacher from secondary school (yay! I still keep in conctact with him…lol!) and he was so happy that I was going back to my love for arts. One day I would share with you all, on my blog, some of my art works from secondary school. *wink*. But right now, enjoy some of the photos I took at Nike Art Gallery.

Also check out Nike Art website
P/S: Do you see the green tie-dye am wearing in the photos below? I made that during my tye-dye pratical class in university 🙂


NIKE ART GALLERY (The gate was designed as a tye-dye material!)






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    • kIkI
    • November 13, 2010

    coooooooooooooool!!! dts my sis!! hmm..guess i shud rilly go bck 2 MY first love..ROCK music..cnt wait 2 get dt guitar! 😉

    • Anonymous
    • November 18, 2010

    Hmm…… there something about art, music and love.. am proud of you… my love

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    @Kiki- Beta negotiate for it well,o!*wink*
    @Anonymous- Thanks!

    • eggirl
    • November 22, 2010

    omg nene look at all the people you ınspıre ur officially my idol and i cant believe u actually met ara wooow talk about adventurous u dis fascinating chick please dont stop okay keep going that's the kind of spirit that will get you places.and lol to all those rainbow memories i even remember ur tie dye wish i'd kept mine 🙁 follow your dream jere cheers

  2. Reply

    @Eggirl: Am glad I inspire people. That's the main essence of my blog to inspire people to do explore the world around them. Yay to blogging!!!!lol!

Ajala Nene would appreciate your reply, thanks! 😊

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