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ART X LAGOS FAIR ART X Lagos celebrated its second Art Fair which held at The Civic Center in Victoria Island with over 9,000 visitors in attended this year. The fair included exhibitions of artworks, Art talk Shows, African artists performances and presentations. My family and I attended the art exhibition and we were amazed […]

Yinka Shonibare’s ART

Sometime this week, I was watching BBC News. As I was about to change the channel, they started showing a short interview on a Nigerian Artist who lives and works in London. That got me interested. And of course I went on to research on him. Yinka Shonibare, MBE (born 1962), is a British-Nigerian artist […]

With love, ARTS

Always wanted to do something in the arts field. I remember those days in secondary school when anyone was looking for me, the first place they would come to was the art class….I was always there during my free periods drawing or painting or reading anything that had to do with Arts. I also remember […]

Music & Arts: The Nexus.

A friend of mine and I were invited as guest artists for an upcoming Leadership program. For weeks, both of us have being cracking our brains for an inspirational song to sing on that day. So I decided to google something on leadership songs. And I came across India Aries’ “Strength, Courage and Wisdom”. As […]