About Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd

Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd is a Tourism Marketing Company that markets destinations and travel packages on behalf of companies, cities, countries and other travel service providers. The word “Nene-Uwa” means “See the World” in Igbo dialect.
Our major goal is to create ‘Life Changing Travel Experiences’ through promoting Sustainable Tourism as a tool to maximize impact on the environment, economy and local communities in Nigeria, Africa and the World.
Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd provides the following services:
  • Organizing tourism events such as volunteer activities, workshops, seminars, fairs and more to promote tourism development;
  • Marketing both local and international tours that promote local-content and sustainability;
  • Collaborate and build partnerships with both public and private organizations, government agencies, tourism boards and individuals who have similar objectives in creating awareness into the possible and lasting benefits of tourism.
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