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When I saw the Social Media Week 2019 Global theme, the first thing that came to mind was the famous quote said by Spider-man’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility”.  I must honestly say, it is so true.

African culture and tradition is rooted in storytelling. Historically this has been our primary way of communication. Our stories serve as a reference point and are integral to our identity as Africans. Our use of story as a tool beyond communication has always been paramount. The current digital paradigm however has allowed for the amplification of our stories and enabled us to have tremendous impact beyond our communities, our countries and the continent’s borders. It is also the case, that with this impact comes great responsibility and an obligation to use our collective influence to move Africa forward.

At #SMWLAGOS 2019 we’ll take a deep dive into the power of the stories we tell and how as content creators, policymakers, brands, journalists and citizens we can influence our community, customers, audience and constituents for the greater good. – Culled from SMW Lagos


Once again, Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd would be hosting two sessions at the SMW Lagos 2019. The first session is a panel on the “Stories of Nigerian Travelpreneurs: Starting a Travel and Tourism Career”.

This is an engaging panel discussion where our expert panelist will unpack:

  • Tips and Hacks on how to start and build your Travel & Tourism business or/and career
  • Knowledge about the wide business opportunities in the Travel & Tourism space
  • The best advise from seasoned Nigerian Travelpreneurs
  • Networking opportunities with those in the Travel & Tourism space
  • How to use Social Media to promote your Travel business or career and attract your ideal clients and partners
  • How to use your Travel business or career to make impact in your community

To register for this session, kindly click here


The second session is a “Postcard and Stamp Hangout”.

Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd and the Lagos Philatelic Club will be talking about the World of Stamp and Postcard Collection and how they are great marketing tools for promoting tourism inside and outside Nigeria. Participants will get to mingle and network with stamp & postcard collectors and travel & culture enthusiasts by using social media platforms to redefine communication and encourage people to send handwritten mails in this digital era.

The hangout  will include the following:

  • Postcard Exercise:  Sign up for and send a postcard or/and send a time capsule letter to yourself or loved ones
  • Stamp Exchange: Stamp Collectors are invited to do stamp swap with each other
  • Post box Opening with NIPOST for interested participants.

To register for this session, kindly click here


Both our sessions are scheduled for Travel Africa Day which is usually on a Tuesday. This day is set aside to highlight the interconnection between travel and digital media. The series of events provide answers to how technology and digital media impacts travel and tourism in Nigeria and across Africa. Looking forward to an awesome SMW Lagos 2019!


Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd is offering 5 FREE General Admission Campus Badges (no tote bags included) each for both our sessions. That is 10 FREE Campus Badges to 10 lucky winners!

This badge will allow winners full access to the SMW Campus at Landmark and the ability to register for any open SMW Campus events.

To win this ticket, kindly do the follow:

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  • Tell us why you want to attend SMW Lagos 2019
  • Tell us which of our sessions you will like to attend and how it will benefit you.

Kindly leave your comments below. All the best!

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