Travel Massive Lagos maiden edition held at Cactus Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is an exclusive hangout for travel and tourism professionals to network and meet the best of Travel and Tourism Insiders in Lagos.

Travel Massive Lagos is the Lagos Chapter of Travel Massive, which is an international platform that brings together people that work in the travel and tourism industry such as tour operators, travel agencies, state tourism boards, online travel companies, hotels, airlines, travel bloggers, tourism promoters and travel aficionados.

One of the major goals for Travel Massive Lagos is to encourage domestic tourism and embark on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that will improve the lives of host communities of tourist destinations in Nigeria. This is what Sustainable Tourism is all about…giving back to our communities through tourism activities.

The hangout included presentations, games, a panel and networking.  It was fun hanging out with tourism and travel enthusiasts and learning from each other. The networking was great as people got to meet potential partners and those they follow or know on social media.

The next hangout is scheduled for December 2017. To be part of it, kindly join and register with Travel Massive Lagos for more information and update.

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