Kemi Onabanjo’s Project 30 by 30

I love to inspire and encourage people to travel because it opens ones’ mind and creates wonderful experiences. Someone once said “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Very true indeed. You spend all your fortune traveling the world and you come back home the richest person filled with awaken new knowledge and inner treasures that can never be sold or bought.
One of my travel-lover buddies, Kemi Onabanjo, just did a write up on her travel experience called Project 30 by 30. The plan was for her to visit 30 countries before she turns 30. And am glad and jealous to say that she managed to complete the project 16 months before she turns 30. Yaaay!!! Way to go, Kemi. Though I am still jealous *sticks out tongue*
While campaigning for me to win the just concluded cruise competition (which I didn’t win *sad*), Kemi said and I quote “…she was one of my first travel inspirations, and was instrumental to my  2012 ‘silver jubilee’ cruise…” This touched my heart. Glad that I inspire people to travel…it is my passion and I love to spread the ‘travel bug-love’ *shines teeth*
Please READ and be inspired by Kemi’s Project 30 by 30 story. Kemi’s story can be summarized with this quote: “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.”  Matthew Karsten
Ajala Kemi on top of the Idanre Hills, Ondo State, Nigeria
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