International Women’s Day: Women in Tourism

Google celebrated 2015 International Women’s Day with a doodle showcasing how women that are scientists, engineers, athletes, doctors, artists, explorers and more are changing the world.
On March 8th, International Women’s Day was celebrated all over the world. The theme this year was “Make It Happen”. 
I recently read an article on G-Adventure, an adventure travel company, on Women & Tourism:
“The Planeterra Foundation, an organization founded by G Adventures to support sustainable social and environmental solutions in destinations travellers love to visit, knows first-hand how the travel and tourism industries benefit women worldwide. To help the Planeterra and G Adventures honour International Women’s Day, graphic design student Greer Mullin created an infographic that illustrates the inequality many women in developing countries face in the tourism industry—and the hope they have for a better tomorrow.” Culled from G-Adventure
 Courtesy of: G Adventures
As a travel & tourism lover, this is an interesting discovery. It’s nice to know loads of women are involved in the tourism industry. But sad to find out that there is still inequality in the industry occupied by mostly women.  I hope to make my own impart as a woman in the tourism industry….working on it *wink*
I praise all women who have done their part to give women equality in society. May we be women of virtue to our communities and world at large. It is not about fighting men, but about getting the equal benefits they do. Make a woman happy, you make a happy world *smiles*

Happy International Women’s Day! Women, Let’s Make it HAPPEN!

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